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Why did I start this blog when I can be golfing all day? 


To solve one major problem. I need more people to golf with during the work week. The problem. You guessed it. They're stuck in their business and can't find true marketing experts to grow their business.  

Don't love golf? That's ok, that's my thing anyways.  I want you to be able to do whatever you want during the work week (Golf or Not). 


Without worrying about your business. 

I will be putting together my best marketing strategies, email tactics, software reviews and how-to guides so you can do just that. 

If I do it right, I may just get a few more golfers on my tee sheet during the week. 

I promise you authentic in-depth blog content from my unique perspective as a founder of those companies. It may be a personal blog, but I will do everything I can to help you hit your online income goals. 

I had a regular 9-5 when I started my online store in 2012.  I would never have expected to become a semi-retired golfer at 38.  It has been a wild ride. Let's take the next one together. 

Read the whole story of how I was fired from my day job to golfing whenever I want.

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