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Does Canva have an Affiliate Program?

does canva have an affiliate program?

If you are an influencer in the digital design field, you likely already know that you can make money through affiliate marketing. Several of the leading brands in this field have affiliate marketing programs.

Canva did not have an affiliate marketing program for years, but they implemented one relatively recently. This program is relatively easy to join if you have a large audience, and it can be quite lucrative. Canva also offers a wide variety of resources and methods of support for affiliates.

Read on to learn more about the Canva affiliate program and to learn how you can join it.

Table of Contents

  • Canva does have an affiliate program

  • How to join Canva's affiliate program

  • How Canva supports affiliates

  • Canva has a wide variety of resources for affiliates

  • Why affiliate marketers should work with Canva

  • What Canva looks for in affiliates

  • Final thoughts on becoming a Canva affiliate

  • Canva does have an affiliate program

Canva does now have an affiliate program. This program is centered around Canva Pro, the platform's paid plan. Like almost all affiliate marketing programs, Canva affiliates get special links. When a user clicks one of these affiliate links and signs up for Canva Pro, the affiliate gets paid.

It is up to you to promote this link. You may want to incorporate it in a blog post or a tweet. Alternatively, you may want to mention Canva Pro in a YouTube video and put your affiliate link in the description.

If you have experience with affiliate marketing, you'll know exactly what to do as a member of the Canva program. It works in the same way as most other affiliate programs.

How to join Canva's affiliate program

You must apply to join Canva's affiliate program. This is more of a hassle than some of the other affiliate programs in the design space that only require you to sign up. However, having to complete an application and get approved is par for the course for a large brand like Canva.

The application asks for standard information like your personal contact information and payment info. You also have to submit info about your business and how you plan to promote Canva Pro.

The affiliate system is run by a company called Impact Radius. They are a well-known affiliate marketing company, and they run affiliate programs for other large brands. You will need to sign up for an Impact Radius account to apply for Canva's program (unless you already have an account).

How Canva supports affiliates

Canva support

Canva has gone to great lengths to provide their affiliates with the best experience possible. They offer easy payments, priority support, and helpful analytics.

Canva Settings

Canva offers multiple payment options. Affiliates can either get paid via PayPal or via e-transfer. It is easy to change your payment preferences through the affiliate dashboard. Canva sends out payments regularly, so affiliates will not need to wait a long time before getting paid.

Affiliates have access to support around the clock. They can get help with any issue via email or live chat.

Canva affiliate dashboard

One of the most crucial aspects of an affiliate marketing program is its analytics. Canva offers detailed and easy to understand analytics so that you can understand how to earn more as part of the Canva Pro affiliate program.

Canva has a wide variety of resources for affiliates

Canva's support for affiliates goes far beyond the chat and email help. The platform also offers a how-to guide, specialized ad templates, and even news and tips from the Canva affiliate community.

Canva's guide may be the most important resource it offers its affiliates. This guide walks you step-by-step through everything you will need to do as a member of the affiliate program. The guide's sections include:

  • Creating an account

  • Terms and conditions

  • Payouts

  • Analytics

  • Creative tools

  • Affiliate links

Affiliates will also find Canva's ad templates very useful. These ads are great for when you want to post something that looks better than a naked link. All of these ads are professionally designed, and they are as fashionable as you would expect for Canva content.

It is very easy to add your affiliate link to the ads. When someone clicks on one of these ads and signs up for a Canva Pro account, you will get paid just as you will if someone clicks on a naked link.

Canva posts regular blogs with tips for affiliates. These blogs often feature interviews with successful members of the Canva affiliate program. If you have the basics down and you want to learn how to maximize your revenue from the Canva affiliate program,

these blog posts are a valuable resource.

Why affiliate marketers should work with Canva

Canva App

The resources and technology that Canva offers the members of its affiliate program are important, but the biggest reason that you should become a member of the Canva affiliate program is the product itself.

If you are an influencer with a large audience, you know how careful you need to be with recommending products and services to your audience. If you recommend low-quality products or services, your audience will start to lose faith in you.

You don't have to worry about this with Canva. Canva has become one of the most popular graphic design programs because it offers a great user experience. This is why the site has over 18 million users.

Canva offers users a wide variety of image and template options. While the program is best-known for website design, it allows users to design videos and more.

Perhaps most importantly, the platform is available in over 100 languages. This means that your audience can use Canva, no matter where they're from. Also, your audience will be able to use the platform from a variety of devices. Canva supports PCs, Macs, smartphones, and even the iPad.

What Canva looks for in affiliates

The Canva affiliate program offers a fun and lucrative experience to its members. However, becoming a member is far from easy. First, Canva is looking for design influencers and design educators. If you aren't in one of these fields, you might not be able to get into the program.

The highest bar to entry, however, is the size of audience required to become a Canva affiliate. If you want to be a Canva Pro affiliate, you must have at least a million monthly visits to your website. If you are a YouTuber, you may be considered if your videos get at least one million views per month.

This means that your design content has to be extremely popular for you to be considered. Canva has set this requirement to ensure that you can greatly increase their new Canva pro subscriber count.

Final thoughts on becoming a Canva affiliate

In conclusion, Canva offers an excellent affiliate program. Possibly the only downside to this program is the high barrier to entry. Your site must get at least 1 million visits per month for consideration.

If you do have a popular design-focused site, however, Canva's affiliate program is worth joining. They make things easy for their affiliates and provide support every step of the way. Also, Canva's product is excellent so you won't feel bad about recommending it to your audience.

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