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Why email marketing is important for a YouTube channel (Do this before it's too late)

Being a successful YouTuber isn't easy.

You are already are focused on so many things to grow youtube subscribers. Let's not add another thing to do, unless it is a big lever.

To have a chance at growing your Channel Page:

You need to make engaging youtube videos for your target audience, this includes:

  • Being an excellent video editor

  • Writing search engine-friendly video descriptions

  • Planning the videos for your YouTube channel

  • Consistently posting videos to your youtube channel

  • Asking your non-subscribers to subscribe (in a non-pushy way)

If you are already running a YouTube channel, none of that is new information for you. I want to change your perspective on why email marketing is important for a YouTube channel.

How do you drive traffic to your YouTube videos?

Having subscribers and the YouTube algorithm can be super effective ways to get new videos seen. But, what if the Algorithm changes? How would you tell your audience or potential audience that a new video is now live?

This is where building an email list can be a powerful owned asset. The key thing about email is that when someone signs up to be a subscriber, you essentially own that. Whereas on YouTube you don't own the Algorithm.

The only thing that is guaranteed is that the YouTube algorithm will keep changing. Having an engaged email marketing list can make YouTube updates less impactful because you have an owned asset.

How to use email marketing for your YouTube channels

Email marketing for your youtube channel should not be complicated. I get it, you are busy enough trying to grow your youtube channel. You are focused on making freaking awesome youtube videos that grow your subscriber count.

A truly simple approach to this would be to make a basic landing page that can gather emails using a service like ConvertKit.

The goal of the landing page is to turn your YouTube watchers into email subscribers. Having a good offer or a real incentive to sign up for your email list will increase your conversion rate.

Landing page copy example:

Get exclusive videos I only share with my email subscribers.

Sign up button - "Sign me up now!"

The landing page really depends on your channel content, but don't overthink it.

How often do you email your list?

Since this is a new marketing strategy, simplicity will be key to getting it started. I would start out by sending out an email when you post a new YouTube video. That is by far the simplest way to start. You could even just say, new youtube video coming in 1 hour to hype your new videos before they drop.

There are a million ways to use email to communicate, engage and grow your YouTube channel.

Another reason why building an email list should be a part of your YouTube marketing strategy is this.

What happens if YouTube deletes your channel or you are banned?

I have heard horror stories and I even had one of my YouTube channels become inaccessible.

If you are 100% reliant on YouTube, you would be back at zero with literally no way to communicate to your audience. Even if you started a new youtube channel how would you tell your old subscribers?

Exactly, you cant!

This is a HUGE reason why email marketing and having a list is so valuable. If that doomsday example happened and most of your youtube channel subs are also on your email list. Then you could simply send them an email that says.

Hey Team,

My YouTube channel was removed, but I started a new one HERE. Please subscribe.



It could literally be that simple and help bulletproof your YouTube empire.

Don't overthink it, write emails just like your YouTube videos

I think the biggest barrier to entry with starting an email marketing program for a YouTuber is perception. If you have never sent email campaigns or built an email list it could seem like a lot of work. But, you can literally write just like how you talk.

They are joining your list because of your videos, they don't want to be blasted with overly designed email newsletters.

Send plain text emails just like you would send to your friends on your list. Write them in your own voice and keep them short. You only need one call to action, to watch the newest video.

Build a deeper relationship and use direct feedback to grow your YouTube channel (With a simple question email)

One of my favorite ways to use email marketing is to ask my list what they want to see. You could use this method to ask your list what video thumbnails they like best.

Here is an example:

Subject Line: Best thumbnail is...

Hey Team,

I want your input. Which thumbnail do you like more?

A - Thumbnail 1

B - Thumbnail 2

Reply back with your vote.

See you in the next video!



This simple 2-way conversational email method can deeper your relationship with your audience and give you feedback as you build your YouTube channel. I use these exact strategies for launching new products. Plus, it helps me understand which product I should launch first.

You can use this method to get authentic feedback for any part of your YouTube channel. You could ask them what type of videos they want to see next. What is a better headline, what music do they like in the videos? The questions are endless, the trick here is to be authentic.

Building a healthy email list that is engaged through questions can make a promotion email super effective. If you only blast promotional-type emails it won't work. But do this consistently before you promote your youtube channel and your list will be pumped for your new video to come out.

Do you use email marketing for your YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments

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