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What is eCommerce consulting?

Ecommerce consultant

Running your own online business can be a lonely venture. A qualified and experienced eCommerce consultant can provide you with a new third-party perspective. As an online store owner myself, I know how easy it is too stuck in the weed with your own eCommerce store.

An eCommerce consultant can help you see things differently and be a sounding board for your current challenges and goals.

What type of eCommerce consulting services exist?

There are many digital marketing agencies that offer done for your services but have no experience running an ecommerce store themselves. A great eCommerce consultant can act more like a coach and work with you to solve difficult challenges at the root cause.

Ecommerce consulting services can include:

1- Introducing you to qualified digital marketing experts (Facebook ads, Google ads, Email Marketing, CRO, SEO, Web Development).

2 - Weekly or monthly coaching calls - Actively listen and act as a sounding board for your toughest challenges. An e-commerce consultant will give a potential eCommerce strategy or alternative marketing strategy to test. A great eCommerce consultant will challenge you to dig deeper to optimize your ecommerce store and your time.

3 - Offer specific strategies to increase repeat order rate, and build brand and community for your online store.

4 - Work with you to build hype and excitement for your next product launch.

5 - Build a thank you system that will improve customer satisfaction, lifetime value and word of mouth.

6 - Assist you in preparing your online store for sale. Selling your eCommerce store could be a life-changing event. This will hopefully be the biggest sale of your life!

7 - Offer different eCommerce solutions or apps that may improve your conversion rate, email opt-ins, and overall sales.

8- Provide a strategy for your marketing campaigns.

9 - Coach you on social media marketing.

10 - Conversion optimization.

11- Build systems to improve customer feedback.

12 - Discuss product ideas and new channels.

13 - Choose the best eCommerce platform

14- Search engine optimization strategy and organic traffic

15 - Increase average order value

16 - Review product pages and existing products

17 - Improve customer service and customer engagement

18 - Improve customer retention

19 - Boost sales

Running an ecommerce business take focus

One of the biggest challenges an eCommerce store owner can face is the dreaded shiny ball syndrome. I myself fell for shiny ball syndrome in 2016, I tried every marketing tactic, hack, and app on marketing.

Top eCommerce consultants can keep you focused on big levers in your business that will actually help your business grow. Not only keep you focused, by top eCommerce consultants will save you time and energy by not focusing on things that don't have a real impact on your online business.

What can you expect from an ecommerce consultant?

Every eCommerce consultant is unique, but I would look for ecommerce consultants that can save me time, money and energy. The ultimate goal is business growth but also the freedom to run your business how you want to run it.

It is so easy to get stuck in the day-to-day and a great eCommerce consultant or ecommerce coach can help get you unstuck and focused on things that really matter.

Should you hire an ecommerce expert?

In the ecommerce world, there are few ecommerce experts. There are however, many digital marketing agencies. These agencies are good at what they do but an ecommerce business consultant can help with operations and aspects of your business that agencies don't handle.

If you feel stuck and want someone with experience to ask questions to, hiring an ecommerce expert can be a great addition for your business.

What does an ecommerce consultant cost?

This totally depends on how much experience the ecommerce consutlant has, the time involved and the relationship you are looking for. Many consultants charge a flat fee retainer per month with a defined set of deliverables such as phone calls or emails etc. In some situations an ecommerce consultant may charge hourly.

Where can you find ecommerce consultants for your online business?

A simple google search for ecommerce consultants can get you started in the right direction. I prefer referrals as well. Either way, the best thing to do is to vet working with them before hiring them. No matter who I hire, I ask them for a half hour paid consult.

This makes it fair for both parties involved and will save you time from signing a longer agreement.

You don't want to work with someone that isn't a good fit for your business. Test drive them first! I used this exact method to hire my Facebook ad expert.

Building an online store and a solid digital strategy can take time, an ecommerce consultant can shorten that time and become a true partner in your success.

Let me know in the comments below if you would hire an eCommerce consultant.

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