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Best Product Launch Strategy for Out of Stock Products On Shopify

best product launch strategy for out stock products

Tell your email list when you sell out of a product

When you actually sell out make sure you notify your list they gone. This may seem like such a simple no brainer, but many brands don't do this. Sending a thank you email for selling out can build your brand and tell your customers you care. (You should want to thank them anyways!)

Sendint this type of email is very powerful This will build demand and urgency when they come back into stock.

Give your website visitors a place to be notified when they are back in stock.

Use the Klaviyo back in stock feature to insure that anyone who visits those sold out products can fill out their email and get in line.

Movie Trailer Type Facebook Ads

When a product has been sold out for a while, we want to hype that they are coming back. Even if the product isn't new, we treat sold out products almost the same as if it was a completely new product launch.

We like to start running ads on a low budget to the sold out product page. The goal is to get people hyped up that they product is coming back in stock. Being very specific and setting a date and time is critical to turning a random back in stock into a true launch event.

Reply Emails (Engage with your email list)

As the launch gets closer we may ask our email list to raise their hand and reply back with a word for early access. This strategy gets people engaged with your emails, which means you have a better chance of landing in the holy grail inbox and not the promotions tab.

We can tag those people to get early access which gets them super excited and builds urgency.

Simple emails (Native to the platform)

When you send your friend an email, do you send an overly designed newsletter with 10 calls to action or do you just blast plain text? As an e-commerce store you want to feel more native to the platform you are using. Mix it up and using plain text emails or lightly designed emails to give your customers a more native inbox experience.

These types of emails can be very effective and building engagement and driving revenue

- Send a mix of plain text emails

- Try to use one call to action per email

- Don't overly design your emails to feel like a brochure (It screams MARKETING - BUY THIS!)

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