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The 30 best copywriting blogs to improve your skills

If you've ever written copy for a website, ad campaign, or article, then you're likely well aware that copywriting takes special skills to accurately and concisely tell the story you're wishing to tell. As anyone who's done it can tell you, copywriting is an essential skill across industries and specializations—and is one you can keep working on and honing long after you think you may have mastered it.

If you're a freelance writer, a marketer, or are simply interested in continuing to develop your copywriting skills further, then there's no better place to learn than from a blogger who specializes in copywriting.

Here, we'll discuss the 30 best blogs to help you learn the basics of copywriting, advance your skills, and ensure you're the best copywriter you can be. Read on for our recommendations and why we think they're a worthwhile place to learn more about different types of copywriting, along with some of their most recent or most helpful posts at a glance.

Table of Contents

  • Best overall copywriting blogs

  • Best content marketing blogs

  • Best blogs to improve writing skills

Best overall copywriting blogs

If you're interested in learning from the best of the best in the world of copywriting blogs, then you're in the right place. Here are the 10 top copywriting blogs for learning everything there is to know about copywriting, from the basics to how to make your living as a copywriter.

John Carlton Home Page

Best for: Education and practical advice

Known by other monikers like "the most respected writing teacher alive" or even "the most ripped off writer on the web", John Carlton is a widely respected copywriter and copywriting coach. Since 2004, he has consulted and shared helpful, actionable advice and life lessons learned throughout his prolific career as a freelance copywriter in a signature no-nonsense style that all content writers can benefit from reading.

In addition to his helpful blogs and bits of advice, he also offers a variety of paid courses to improve your freelance writing or marketing strategy, as well as a business mastermind course featuring access to his extended network of business owners and professionals.

Helpful posts:

Writers, marketers, SEOs, and copywriters alike will all benefit from checking out Susan Greene's blog posts. In her copywriting blog, she shares advice learned during her 25+ years as a copywriter and marketing consultant, including tips for writing copy that converts, finding niches that fit your interests while making money as a copywriter, and how to master a variety of different areas of copywriting (like web copy or email marketing).

Recent posts:

Best for: Learning all there is to know about email marketing and copywriting

Known by his peers in the copywriting industry as "the email poet," Ben Settle has 20 years of experience crafting ad copy, marketing strategies, and email marketing campaigns for both clients and his own businesses that have earned tens of millions of dollars.

Ben Settle is best known for his paid newsletter "Email Players" (otherwise known as "Your Daily Email Addiction," but he also shares a wide variety of free, no-nonsense advice for marketers, freelance writers, and copywriters on how to be successful and make a name for yourself in those industries. If you're looking to become one of the great copywriters, Ben Settle is the teacher to get you there.

Recent posts:

Best for: Getting your copywriting to convert

Kevin Rogers, a veteran copywriting coach, has helped more than 4,000 businesses and freelance copywriters surpass their revenue goals and become more successful at what they do. In addition to mentoring aspiring copywriters and connecting them with interested clients, his blog covers lessons he learned during his long and prolific copywriting career as a conversion focused copywriter. His blog covers helpful topics like how to work with clients, how to price your work fairly, and how to care for yourself while freelance writing.

Recent posts:

Best for: Avoiding information overload by getting one tip, trick, or piece of advice per article

Founder of VeryGoodCopy, copywriter, and professional writer Eddie Shleyner focuses on one piece of advice at a time in his 350+ "micro-articles" on copywriting, marketing, entrepreneurship, or authorship. With most articles coming in at under 600 words, he shares invaluable pieces of copywriting advice for content writers, marketers, content strategists, and others looking to create great copy in the online world.

Recent posts:

Best for: Introducing yourself to the world of copywriting

With a blog title like "How to be a Copywriter," you know exactly what you're getting from this copywriting blog. This copywriting agency provides incredibly helpful content writing tips that are half copywriting training and half writing advice.

Though aimed at beginners or amateur copywriters, the advice shared here proves invaluable for copywriters at any stage in their career, either to brush up on the basics or learn something brand new.

Recent posts:

7. Copywriting Course (

Best for: Learning conversion-focused copywriting

Copywriting Course provides a wide variety of guides, articles, and videos explaining different areas of copywriting and how to succeed in it. Whether you're interested in boosting sales or learning how to become a copywriter, about the business of copywriting, or how to perfect a certain skill within copywriting (like content strategy or subject lines), then this top copywriting blog has you covered with a helpful, actionable guide.

In addition to these guides, they also offer monthly and yearly paid copywriting courses for one-on-one help, training, and resources.

Recent posts:

8. American Writers & Artists Institute (

Best for: Coupling copywriting training programs with actionable tips to improve your craft

Since its founding in 1997, American Writers & Artists Institute (or AWAI) has aimed to help as many copywriters as possible hone their skills, make connections, and acquire financial freedom, independence, and security through well-paying opportunities. Their copywriting blog provides a healthy mix of copywriting tips and advice for making a successful online business out of your skills, which is especially helpful for a first-time business owner.

In addition to helpful blog posts, AWAI also has a variety of different paid copywriting training programs (including self-guided and live) that may be just what you need to take your copywriting skills to the next level.

Recent posts:

Best for: Making your content more conversion focused

If you are looking to ensure your (or your clients') content actually makes a sale, then you should be focused on conversion optimization as well as strictly copywriting. Luckily, Copy Hackers has you covered with everything you need for not only good copywriting but copy that makes a sale. In addition, they provide tips on succeeding with a copywriting business and how to set yourself up for success when doing so.

Recent posts:

10. Ashlyn Writes (

Best for: Becoming a more successful creative copywriter

As an experienced freelance copywriter for a number of creative businesses, Ashlyn has mastered the art of creative copywriting, or a hybrid of creative writing and audience-focused copywriting.

The tips she shares are written in her trademark conversational style which makes her tips much more approachable and less intimidating. Top notch copywriters should be able to tell their stories in a creative, yet compelling and informative way—and there's no better place to learn that than from an expert in the field like Ashlyn.

Recent posts:

Best content marketing blogs

Content marketing, or marketing that drives interest in a good or service through strategic online content (such as blog posts and articles, videos, infographics, or social media posts), is the new frontier of traditional copywriting. If you're looking to make your copy or content writing skills invaluable for the foreseeable future, then learning these skills is a must—so here are the five best content marketing blogs to get you started and help you learn.

Best for: Learning the ropes of content marketing

Founded by Brian Clark in 2006, this is one of the premier copywriting and content marketing blogs out there. Copyblogger covers every part of copy and content marketing, from copywriting SEO basics to how to make sure your article meets the audience's intent and stays engaging from beginning to end.

In addition to their hundreds of blog posts all aimed at making you a better writer and content marketer, this blog offers a variety of paid Masterclasses to learn from their extended network of copywriting, content marketing, and marketing experts.

Recent posts:

Best for: Learning SEO-focused content marketing advice

In their blog, Siege Media shares content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing tips learned in over ten years as a prolific content marketing agency. Their team of writers, content marketers, and SEOs all contribute actionable tips learned throughout their careers of content creation, guest posts, and link-building for big-name clients.

All of the tips they share are tried and tested by their team, so you can know you're getting advice that have proved successful time and time again to apply to your own copywriting, digital marketing, and content marketing strategy. If you're looking to learn more about content marketing and grow your career in this field, this blog is a must-read.

Recent posts:

3. Content Marketing Institute (

Best for: Honing critical skills needed to succeed in content marketing

Content marketers everywhere are familiar with the over 400 pages that constitute the Content Marketing Institute blog posts, and if you aren't, here's your chance. This blog is full of helpful tips for the aspiring content strategist or marketer, from developing a content strategy to why content marketing is a critical skill for anyone focused on conversion copywriting. If you're looking to learn more about the field as a whole and why it matters for web writing, this is the place to do it.

Recent posts:

4. The Content Strategist by Contently (

Best for: Becoming a more well-rounded and well-informed content marketer

This content marketing platform and content creation solution has had its fair share of experience in content marketing, so they're sharing what they've learned to help others succeed.

Their blog focuses on five main categories: Strategy, Digital Transformation, Storytelling, ROI, and Trending, to keep you educated and up-to-date on changes in the industry. In addition, they have a few free training courses to help you become a better and more informed content marketer.

Recent posts:

Best for: Learning expert advice from professional content marketers

Orbit Media as a business focuses on web design, development, and optimization, while their blog focuses on practical, actionable advice for content marketers and web designers. When learning a skill like content marketing, it's important to learn from experts in the field—and their blog posts share advice learned from actual experience, so you can be assured you're getting advice on an audience-focused approach to copy that helps you rank on search engines.

Recent posts:

Best blogs to improve writing skills

No matter how many years you've worked as a professional copywriter, you can always stand to improve your writing skills and style. Though these aren't strictly copywriting blogs, the practical tips shared in these 5 writing blogs can help you hone the critical skills needed to succeed in the industry, boost sales, and become an overall better writer.

Best for: Learning actionable tips to apply and improve your writing

No matter what part of your career you're in, every copywriter knows that proper grammar is one of the most essential parts of the writing process. Everyone's favorite grammar tool, Grammarly, shares grammar tips and so much more in their blog. They focus on making all parts of content engaging, from proper word choice to how to make your introduction or call to action more engaging.

Much like their grammar tool, their blog posts are incredibly helpful no matter which stage of your copywriting career you're currently in.

Recent posts:

2. Men with Pens (

Best for: Becoming a better and more well-rounded writer

On Men with Pens, expert copywriter and web designer James Chartrand shares everything he's learned over a 30+ year career writing for clients and himself. He focuses on not only becoming a better copywriter but a better writer altogether, sharing a healthy mix of writing tips, advice for freelance writers, how to become more successful at copywriting, and how to set yourself up for success in the long-term for freelance copywriting.

Recent posts:

3. Make a Living Writing (

Best for: Turning your writing into a source of income

If you don't find yourself in need of actual copywriting advice, but do want to know more about how to make a living while doing it, then this is the blog for you. In addition to the occasional writing tip, they cover everything there is to know about making money while freelance writing—including sites that pay well, how to market yourself as a freelance writer, and how to manage your time, money, or resources while working as a freelancer.

They also share a variety of courses and PDFs on how to get started and be successful as a freelance writer.

Recent posts:

Best for: Learning about (and improving your skills in) all areas of writing

Whether you're interested in freelance writing, novel writing, creative writing, or marketing copy, this writing blog will help you improve your skills. From writing tips to advice for improving your writing style, this blog has all the materials you need to advance your career and become a master of your craft, no matter your niche.

Recent posts:

5. Daily Writing Tips (

Best for: Answering writing questions you've always wanted to know the answer to

True to its name, this writing blog shares bite-sized pieces of advice to help you become a better writer. Often relevant to the news or inspired by a question asked by a subscriber, Daily Writing Tips shares definitions, examples of when a word should (or shouldn't) be used, grammar tips, and more, all aimed to improve the quality of your writing so that you're turning in copy you're proud of, no matter what type it is.

Recent posts:

Ready to Write?

No matter what stage of your copywriting career you find yourself in, it's never too late to learn more skills and hone your craft to become the best possible copywriter you can be. Learning more about copywriting, content marketing, or writing as a whole can not only make you a better copywriter but a better and more well-rounded content writer as a whole.

Any of these 30 writing, marketing, or copywriting blogs is a great place to start or continue your education journey to becoming as successful a copywriter as you can be.

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