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RankIq Review (Will I rank?)

I will admit, that I am a new blogger. Although I am not new to running an online business and SEO, I have never started a pure content site like this one. My background is in eCommerce and running an Agency.

When I sold my eCommerce brand in 2022, I wanted to take on a new challenge. Writing new blog posts was easy, but writing blog posts that could rank on the first page of google. Well, I had no idea how I could make that happen.

I personally bought a course about blogging and joined a number of online communities. It was clear that you need to have a real strategy and target keywords that search engines will actually rank a new domain for.

During this journey, I found Brandon Gaille, the host of the blogging millionaire podcast and I was instantly hooked I tried to find his course to buy. As I found out, he stopped offering the course but is now offering an SEO toolset called RANKIQ.

My Rank IQ review as a new blogger

I am writing this blog post inside the RANKIQ Content Optimizer. What I love about the content optimizer is how simple it is to use and understand.

Anytime I write a new blog I want to make sure I am giving myself the best chance to be ranked on google. You can easily measure if your blog will have a chance of ranking by the GRADE (Suggested content grade) and your Word count.

"All I need to focus on is writing authentic content using the keywords on the right side of the screen."

Whenever I write one of the keywords such as Rankiq review. A green circle will appear next to that keyword, which candidly makes me feel like I am making progress.

Any win at this point in my blogging journey is a big win!

Rank IQ is a mix of hands on keyword curation and a SEO Tool

When I signed up for Rank IQ, I assumed it would be like the other SEO tools that help you write blog posts around your target keywords.

But the team at Rank IQ actually picks out low-competition keywords that you can ACTUALLY Rank for and tells you how fast or slow you can rank for them.

This is what makes it unique in my opinion. My first blogs that I wrote were targeting keywords that seemed low competition in Ahrefs, but in reality, the SERP analysis would show they were extremely competitive.

"Before I tried RankIQ I was wasting tons of time on writing blog posts that may never show up in google rankings."

This is where RankIq comes in, the platform has keyword libraries full of low competition high traffic keywords that you can actually rank for. I would call these the right keywords to actually go after.

They are hand-picked by a true Seo expert and founder of Rank IQ, Brandon. That is pretty awesome.

Your Keyword research process is the biggest lever

With any of the businesses I have started, I always try to look for the biggest lever. And as I have talked to numerous content publishers and a top blogger it is clear that finding a list of keywords in my blog niche that I can rank for is the biggest lever to get my page views up and ranking on google.

I attempted to build my own keyword research library and put together keyword research strategies. It takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work to find keywords that can rank.

Instead of doing this myself, I am going to use RankIq to find the lowest competition phrases in hopes of getting my website to rank faster. I will update with results soon!

I want to run a blog as a business and not just as a hobby

The point of blogging is to get your blogs seen, the best way to do this is to get your website into the coveted 1st page google ranking spot for your top keywords. I want to find the fastest way to go from a new blog to a website that shows up in google search results.

I am fairly confident that this hands-on keyword selection in the Keyword Library will be the unlock for growing my personal blog business.

How do I use RankIQ to find my target audience keywords? (8 Steps for new content)

Step 1 - Find your keyword phrase

Step 2 - Go to Content Optimizer (content optimization tool)

Step 3 - Write high-quality content (that can take some time!)

Step 4 - Include keywords from right-hand side

Step 5 - Make the Grade on top bar go Green!

Step 6 - Make the words counter go Green

Step 7 - Post and publish on your blog

Step 8 - Let google do its think and rank you on 1st page of google (at least that is the plan)

My overview may be a simplified version, but Brandon made a 33-minute-long tutorial video and posted it on the homage page. This goes much more in-depth about the capabilities of Rank IQ. I am trying to use a simple strategy that I can actually execute and use daily.

Bottom line, I needed a simple way to guide my content creation and be confident that I am writing content that will help my website rank.

The customer support is AMAZING plus there is a Facebook Group for users

Rank IQ is more than a keyword research tool, it's a community backed by insane customer service to help you write new posts that will rank.

The social media component was not something that I was expecting but it helps to be in a group with people trying to accomplish the same goals.

Lastly, the price point is so affordable for how hands-on the keyword research is. I even was able to submit a request for a different niche that wasn't listed. I believe you are allowed one request per month since it is crafted by hand.

Here is how you can get started. Click here

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