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How to write a blog post fast

Writing a blog post slowly is hard enough, how can you write a blog post fast and quality blog posts at that?

Write blog posts faster by having a routine (same time, same place)

For, I struggle to write blog posts during the day. I like to write blog posts as soon as my kids leave for school. My routine is the same, kids go to school and I sit down and write a blog post. It doesn't have to be the best blog post but it makes me feel accomplished to get my thoughts out of my head and written down. Then when my kids go to sleep, I will build upon and try to finish that blog post on the same day.

Have a consistent blog writing process

Having a blog template or style a blog writing process that is easily repeatable it will make your blog writing faster. I use to always look for custom images for my blogs, now I decided to make the same style of image for each blog that is still unique and on brand. I have it simply saved in Canva and it now takes me 1 minute or less for my perfect blog image.

Use Surfer Seo to write your blog post

As a new blogger, I struggled to really understand how to write a blog post fast and also a blog post that would rank for google. The Surfer Seo tool not only allows me to write a great blog post but also a blog post that will be seen by search engines.

The All and Headings section show me exactly how many and what keywords I need to include in the paragraphs as well as my H2 headers. This alone acts as an outline for my blog and the keywords help guide the blog post.

Surfer Seo gives you exactly what you need to write a blog post that will have it's the best chance of ranking on Google. It shows you how many words, headings, and all the keywords that you can write about. It is amazing. I am going to make a separate blog post reviewing Surfer in more detail. It is a necessity in my opinion.

Give yourself a goal per week or per month

The easiest way to miss your goals is to not set them. It sounds so simple, but I try to write at least 3 blog posts a week. Even if they aren't perfect, you can always go back and improve them. Keep writing and just hit publish. The best way to write blog posts faster is to stop being a perfectionist and just make the blog posts live. Your first 10, 20, 30 or 100 blog posts may not be great. Hopefully, it doesn't take me 100 blog posts to get it right.

How to avoid writer's block and finish at least one blog post for the day?

In addition to Surfer Seo which is the main tool, I use for writing blog posts fast (I am using it to write these blog posts). I started to use an AI tool to help build out blogs that are thin or need some inspiration.

Robots are going to replace me? AI writing tools are on the market

I will admit it, I don't love writing. In all of my businesses, I tend to be best at high-level strategic direction but awful at the execution of the tasks. I honestly would not be able to make this blog happen without AI writing software Jasper. When I found this software I thought. Well, that can't possibly help. But, I am writing this blog inside of Jasper as we speak.

My brief introduction to AI blog writing

I want to go over my real-world experience using it as a new blogger with the simple goal of writing great blog posts from my perspective fast and having an impact on my audience. My goal is to grow this blog from scratch to a real income and document my journey. I think I would have quit already if I didn't have support from the AI tool and Surfer SEO.

First, some basics: You'll need to sign up for an account with Jasper. It's free to sign up and use the software. You can write as much or as little as you want; there are no limits. And, you can export your content in a variety of formats (including Word, PDF, and HTML) when you're done.

Next, choose a topic. This can be anything that interests you or something that you're passionate about. For me, I'm passionate about online marketing as this is how I was able to break free from my job (well I was fired ha) and help small businesses grow. So, I tend to write about topics related to those things and my real-world experience as a father with multiple online companies.

Take breaks to write a blog post fast (sitting for too long is not the answer)

Now that you have a topic, it's time to start writing. The great thing about Jasper is that you don't have to write everything at once. You can write a little bit now and come back later to add more. In fact, I like to write in short bursts and then come back later to edit and add more content.

I just moved into a new office that I strategically rented because it has a gym and pool in the same building. This makes taking a break so easy because I love lifting weights. If I feel at all unmotivated, I grab my headphones and go pump some iron. This makes me feel like I accomplished something and I feel better about sitting down to blog.

To my surprise, it not only helps writing blogs fast, but it gives me ideas and new directions to take each blog post. As I talked about, I know what I want to talk about from my perspective but I needed help with the heavy lifting for each blog. Does it write the entire blog for me, no.

But, I am able to write a blog post like this in 10-20 minutes and I just started with Jasper. So far, I am impressed.

How do you actually use AI to write blog posts?

To get started, simply click the "Create New Document" button on your Dashboard. This will open up a blank document for you to start writing in. When you're ready to start writing, simply begin typing in the "Your text here" box.

As you're writing, Jasper will automatically suggest related topics and links that you may want to include in your post. Simply click on the "Insert" button to add these to your post.

Jasper will also suggest images that you can add to your post by clicking on the "Add image" button. If you'd like to add one of these, simply click on the "Select" button.

When you're done writing, simply click on the "Export" button and choose the format that you'd like to export your content in. That's it! You've now written a blog post using Jasper AI software in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to write it manually.

A great way to write blog posts fast and monetize your blog

Additionally, as I begin to build out this blog - I want to make sure that I write about how I monetize, what worked and what didn't work in the process. For this blog in particular I am going to monetize it with an Affiliate Link to Jasper.

My ecom brand and my email marketing agency is our own product, so I thought selling other products was not for me. But, once I wrapped my head around only providing affiliate offers for products I am using it all started to make sense.

Writing blog posts faster is great if you can monetize them

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to monetize your blog and it works when you use the product. When you find a product that you're passionate about and use, it's easy to promote it to your audience. As an affiliate, you'll earn a commission for every sale that you make.

If I can execute this properly it can generate an online income without having to be the one to make the product, service or software. This is the entire goal of this new blog. I will be providing updates of my income as things start kicking off!

So, there you have it. Writing a blog post using Jasper is fast, easy, and painless. And, you can get started for free by signing up for an account today. So, what are you waiting for? Get started writing your next blog post now!

One last thing, one of my main concerns when using Jasper was the fact that the copy could be plagiarized. Thankfully they have a plagiarism checker and I use it on every blog I write.

Since I like to make these blogs unique I tend to only take ideas and snippets from Jasper. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions. I will update as I write more blogs faster, I hope!

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