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How to use Writesonic?

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Computers have been helping people get most of their writing for a long time. As an AI article writer, you may want an AI writing assistant platform system to get most of your writing done in the shortest time possible. You may want to write blog posts, new landing pages, youtube titles, blog outlines, google ads or write articles. Writesonic comes in as a useful AI writing tool that can create content and get most of your work done in no time.

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This AI writing tool speeds up your writing process. What is Writesonic, and how can you use it?

Industry Direction

Writesonic writing assistant is built on generative AI models where it can create new content by learning from the massive datasets provided as examples. This AI writing tool is used for writing articles in the shortest time possible.

You should write SEO optimized content for better rankings and high conversion rates as a freelance writer. All this can be achieved by using Writesonic AI, which you can also create long form content of over 1500 words in seconds using its AI article writer feature. The AI article writer feature can only be used to write articles of around 1000 words.

Generating large content can only be achieved by using the long form writing assistant. You can also take time to review the entire article and add or remove something based on your needs.

The Platform

The platform also allows you to generate your content in a Microsoft word format. This makes it easy to edit and share with your team. Its AI write feature of an improved version of Goodge doc can be used to write several contents, including blog outlines. The AI writing tool will write the entire article for you in seconds. However, it would be best to generate outlines that you will use to generate your desired article. If you generate outlines first, this gives you the roadmap to high-quality content creation.

Ai Writer Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI writing tool that generates high-quality, unique, and engaging content, including product descriptions, and creates article ideas for any business. This AI writing assistant is among the best AI writing tools available in the industry compared to other AI writing tools. With just a few lines of text, a Writesonic AI article writer can generate catchy headlines and article ideas, an essential content marketing strategy that businesses can use as a competitive advantage against their competitors.

With its interactive and straightforward user interface, you don’t need to be that skilled, as the platform is self explanatory. Also, all the section headers are well laid out, and you can easily access any functionality. Anyone can use the platform based on its simplicity and a 9.5 ease of use score from over 5000+ Writesonic users reviews on G2. Most Writesonic users prefer the platform for its advanced functionalities to its competitors. Writesonic can turn your blog post ideas into powerful content through its advanced content creation function.


Writesonic review also has a 4.8-star rating on G2 as an outstanding and leading AI program compared to other AI writing tools. In case of any technical assistance, a customer service team is readily available to handle all your inquiries. Your newly generated article will score high on creativity, an essential aspect of increasing customer flow. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first article or not; the AI writing tool will generate ideas in a few lines.

writesonic G2 Review

The following are some ways you can use Writesonic to write your short form content and long form content for your marketing strategy.

Write youtube titles with Writesonic

Having catchy and creative youtube titles is essential to increase traffic to your channel. This can help you generate high returns. This AI assistant is a powerful content creation tool that can help you create unique and fresh ad copy that instantly captures your audience’s attention and drives more conversions. So, how do you use Writesonic to create creative youtube titles and turn your blog post ideas to improve customer rates?

As highlighted below, you can generate your ad ideas in just a few simple steps.

YouTube Title Generator

Step 1: Select the “Writesonic YouTube Title” Section in your dashboard.

Step 2: Enter your desired video topic on “Video Topic,” search term on “Search Term,” and tone of voice on “Tone Of Voice.”

Step 3: Next, choose a language (the platform supports up to 24 languages) of your preference and click the “Generate” button.

Your newly generated article will be the turning point to increase your customer base and improve sales.

The AI writing tool will create several unique youtube titles, at most five, that you can choose from. However, if you need more ideas, the platform gives you a chance to create other ideas by clicking on the “Re-generate” button.

However, to effectively generate your content idea, you should ensure the description is entered correctly, and all the key points have been included. Also, mentioning all the features you want to highlight in the copy is crucial. The first few sentences are the keyword the AI program write feature will use for content creation.

Here is an example of Writesonic AI generated youtube titles.


Video Description – The video is about the impacts of climate change on global economies.

Search term – Climate change

The tone of voice – Professional

Language - English


How climate change is affecting global business trade

Economic downtimes are due to climate change

Google Ads

Every blog writer or company desires their ads to display on the first google search page. When you write SEO optimized content, there is a high chance for your content to appear on the first page. Also, SEO skills are essential to write ads that catch your audience’s attention and rank in search engines.

How do you use the Writesonic writing assistant to generate effective google ads? Here is how.

Writesonic for google ads

Step 1: Click on “Google Ads” on your dashboard.

Step 2: Add product/service and search term

Step 3: Click the “Generate” button

Step 4: The platform will generate five unique google ads for you. However, you can still run generate new ads if you fill you want more by clicking the “Re-generate” button.

In generating google ads, the Writesonic AI article writer feature can help you generate articles with more content for your product or service to be advertised. The AI article writer feature learns through multiple entries of information fed to it to generate quality ad copy.

It is necessary to note that even though the writing assistant will create unique ads for you, there are other valuable tips to use to make your google ads catchy for your audience. First, you should ensure the keyword used is specific to your services. Second, a CTA is crucial in your google ads copy. Including it in your google ads generator will help the AI writing tool generate the desired blog post.

Your Writesonic AI can learn through this information improving its performance to produce top quality google ads in the future.

Generate Landing Pages

A landing page is generally the first part of the website that visitors “land” on, usually a standalone page distinct from your homepage or other pages with a single and focused purpose. A user-friendly landing page with personalized content can lead to higher conversion rates.

Writesonic provides a landing page generator feature that creates great content for your website. This powerful landing page can convert your visitors into customers and improve sales.

To generate landing pages with a Writesonic writing assistant, you can do the following. Ensure that you also generate catchy headlines.

Writesonic landing pages

Step 1: From the dashboard, enter the product/service name and description

Step 2: The platform gives you three spaces to fill in features or benefits

Step 3: After steps 1 and 2 are as you desire, click the “Generate” button AI writing assistant to generate the desired landing page content.

Step 4: If you wish to generate more content or something else, you can click the “Re-generate” button. The Writesonic AI will automatically create new content in seconds. You can download the content as a landing page copy for use.

The Writesonic AI writing tool will generate landing pages together with their codes. This landing page feature will be essential in putting your content as you want. The landing page feature will also allow you to edit your article ideas before publishing them.

Landing pages are the first things your customers or visitors see when they visit your website. Therefore, to retain them and also improve your customer traffic, you should ensure major vital points are correctly highlighted and mention all the features you want your landing pages to have.

Writesonic AI writing tool gives an easy time to create personalized landing page content seamlessly.

Since landing pages require you to address your purpose to your visitors, the Writesonic AI article writer feature can help create attention-grabbing content that will increase customer traffic to your website.

You can also use Writesonic to create catchy landing page headlines to increase your website visitors.

Email Subject Line

Writing emails has become a common practice for most businesses and organizations. Companies also receive multiple emails from their customers and probably investors. But how often does the recipient view your email?

Email subject line is essential when sending emails. Your subject lines must be short and quick to grab your recipient’s attention. The subject line is the first impression. In other words, it’s your tagline.

You can use a Writesonic writing assistant and AI article writer feature to create an attention-grabbing email subject line.

writesonic email subject lines

Step 1: Click on “Email Subject Line” on your dashboard

Step 2: The next thing to do is to add a product name and description and hit the “Generate” button.

Step 3: The AI powered writing assistant and AI article writer generates five unique email subject lines

Step 4: You can add more subject lines if you need to by clicking the “Re-generate” button.

A solid and powerful subject line is the key to having your emAIl read by your recipient. Writesonic AI will help you generate attention-grabbing ideas for your subject lines. Ensure you have the correct project type for high-quality output.

Create Product Descriptions with Writesonic

Customers usually check product descriptions when making informed decisions to purchase a product or service. These descriptions allow customers to weigh their options for buying a specific product. For this reason, if you describe your product without unique attention-grabbing, you are not on the right track.

Writesonic AI assistant can generate ideas to write product descriptions and create product descriptions for your products. Here is how to use Writesonic to write content product descriptions.

Step 1: Enter the product name and its characteristics. This feature has a 100-word limit

Step 2: Here, you can choose the language you want from 24 languages

Step 3: Press the “Generate” button. The AI writing tool will create your product

descriptions in less than a minute. The AI writing tool will write content in 5 unique styles, giving you the gist to choose the one that suits you.

Step 4: If you need to generate more product descriptions, you can click the “Re-generate” button. The AI writing tool will be reused in writing articles as a second attempt.

A product description explains what you offer in further detail and ensures your customers have the information they require to make decisions. An effective product description provides a competitive advantage as customers can choose your products against your competitors and also gives your customers just the gist to stay on your products.

Overcome challenges

It can be a challenging task to write compelling descriptions. However, the Writesonic AI tool can write product descriptions for your products, thus improving sales. The AI writing tool can create content that can lead to an increase in customer traffic.

Writesonic also has a writing editor that can help you edit articles in a short time and also create content, simplifying your writing process. The writing editor also allows you to add new content to your own versions. With just potential titles, the writing assistant can generate powerful article ideas.

For more information on how to perform this task, you can go to a blog post on the Writesonic page.

Long form writing assistant

This unique feature in the Writesonic platform can be used to write content of any length of more than 1500+. These contents can be for blogs, emAIls, or articles.

You can achieve to create content through the long form writing assistant feature and AI writer by doing the following:

Step 1: Click the “Long-Form Writing Assistant (GPT-3)” on your dashboard. A structured article write window will show up.

Step 2: Enter your document title. This is similar to how google doc works.

Step 3: Choose input length (short, medium, or long) and creativity score

Step 4: Click “Write with AI” to generate long form content. The AI writing tool will generate your blog post and articles in the shortest time possible.

You can download your articles in ms word or use Sonic Editor (an improved version of google doc) to edit your document.

Bulk writing

The Writesonic long-form feature is essential especial for bulk writing tasks. You can create long form articles or blog posts in seconds. The structured article writer window provides a working area with a simple user interface using AI writer, making it easy to generate your blog outlines and long-form and view them instantly.

To create content and blog post, ensure you have keyed in the keywords or key points. This will help the system create unique and powerful articles for you. In other words, ensure you have entered the correct project type.

Writesonic has a trash feature that lets you recover previously deleted content. You can click the trash can icon and check on some old content you deleted and want to reuse. This feature gives you an easy time to recover your deleted documents with ease.

You can locate the trash can icon on your dashboard or seek help from the customer service team for further assistance. However, many features in Writesonic are self explanatory through all the section headers where you can choose the functionality you want to use.

Excellent client facing service

If you face any difficulties with the program, the Writesonic customer service team is readily available to address your concern. Additionally, Writesonic has a helpful blog post that can guide you on how to work on the platform, like creating new blog outlines and writing articles. To access the contents, go to the blog post published on their docs websites and learn more about the amazing features of Writesonic.

writesonic contact us

Writesonic subscription comes with different options. Free trial Writesonic subscription comes with a few options for short-form content creation. However, if you are corporate, you can get rid of the few options by subscribing to economy class, where you can generate long form content.

Not only does a freelance writer find Writesonic helpful, but even a blog writer can save time using the AI writing tool to create bulk content.

Developing industry

As technology keeps developing, the need for integrating AI tools into business is also growing, drawing the need for AI content creation. There are several AI tools available in the market. You will likely increase your growth and returns by deploying AI into your business.

This also creates the need to write blog posts and write articles which can be accomplished with Writesonic AI writers to engage their customers. Writesonic AI powered writing assistant can save time and money by optimizing processes and increasing productivity and operational efficiencies. It is a powerful AI writing tool that can benefit your business operations.


Companies nowadays rely on blogs to increase customer flow to their websites. You, therefore, need to write blog posts and create powerful and catchy content for your visitors.

Therefore, using an AI writing tool is a good content marketing strategy a company can embrace since the AI writing tool can create an entire article in seconds and in your own voice, which can be passive or active.

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