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How to increase your conversion rate on your ecommerce store? (25 Ideas to Test)

The simplest way to think about increasing your conversion rate on your e-commerce store is through your customer's perspective. Getting into their mindset is a difficult tasks for many ecommerce business store owners.

Your website visitors want to buy, but why aren't they? What is stopping them from completing the sale?

Our goal should be to reduce friction. If we can reduce friction on our ecommerce site, conversion rates will go up.

Let's make sure we are focusing on the right things to move the lever for your ecommerce website.

What do we want our website visitors to actually do?

We want them to buy. That’s the best-case scenario for any website visitor, so we should optimize for that. Anything else is a distraction. Optimize for the purchase to increase your conversion rates.

25 Conversion Rate Optimization Ideas To Test

1- Don't get too cute with your call to actions (Add to cart, Proceed to Checkout)

2- Make your eCommerce site fast (Remove any unnecessary apps or code)

3 - Reduce the friction from add to cart to checkout page (Sometimes less is more)

4 - Test your messaging, not your site design (Messaging is the most powerful conversion rate optimization method)

5 - Test removing coupon codes

6 - Simplify the sheer volume of promotions and codes (More coupon options can cause confusion and friction for your website visitors)

7 - Having a consistent testing schedule based on your website traffic

8 - See the whole picture (A higher conversion rate but lower AOV may actually hurt total sales!)

9 - Offer free shipping at a certain price threshold (This is a worthy test because it could increase AOV)

10 - Take high-quality images and product videos

11- Optimize your product pages (These can be the biggest lever pages on your online store)

12 - Test your checkout process (This may seem nuance, but if the checkout is broken no amount of CRO would help)

13 - Test offering guest checkout so potential customers can checkout easily

14 - Optimize your mobile commerce user experience

15 - Use social proof on your product pages and reviews page

16 - Ask a potential customer what stopped them from purchasing

17 - Optimize for revenue per visitor not just average conversion rate

18 - Look for leaky buckets in your google analytics

19 - Add any Press Mentions to your eCommerce website

20 - Don't compare your store to other ecommerce stores

21 - Get feedback from your paying customers (They are your most valuable resource)

22 - Always test your checkout process when updating shipping prices or payment methods

23 - Use your baseline revenue per visitor metric instead of the normal "Good Ecommerce Conversion rate" benchmarks

24 - Ask web visitors what they are looking for with a simple survey form

25 - Test different flash sales for certain products to see if your target audience is price sensitive

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