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How to increase your conversion rate on your e-commerce store

How to increase your conversion rate on your ecommerce store? (Part 2)

In Part 1, we talked about Frictionless eCommerce and how to reduce friction on an ecommerce store.

Part 2 is also about reducing friction, but it’s about the friction in your customer’s mind.

Whether your website visitors come through Facebook ads, Google search or emails, they always have questions in their mind.

“Is this brand legit?”

“How is this better than what I have?”

“Why is it so cheap?”

“Why is it so expensive?”

And on…

These questions create friction!

Every unanswered question is a reason for them NOT to buy. More unanswered questions = More friction. The better you can answer those questions on your homepage and product pages, the less friction there is.

This is the part where most CRO works miss the mark.

When you optimize your conversion rate, make sure you look at both the friction in your store and the friction in your customer’s mind.

Here’s how to reduce friction in your customer’s mind.

Step 1 - Find out what questions they have

Before you can answer their questions, you need to know what their questions are! Dig deeper to find out the common objections your customers have BEFORE they buy.

You can always find great insights by going through reviews. If you have a Facebook group, you can even ask them to see what other concerns they have.

Step 2 - Find the best way to answer them

Once you have an idea of what questions they have in mind, then it’s time to find the right message to answer them.

Don’t just limit yourself to the FAQ section or product description! Be creative about how you get your message across. The store is yours! My CRO agency and I have tested so many ways that increase conversions, from adding messages in the buy box to adding an intro banner at the top of the product page…

I’m often asked who I use to increase conversion rate. Please hit me up and I can introduce you.

That’s my way to increase conversion for my ecommerce store.

How do you increase your conversion rate?

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