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How to Add Someone to Facebook Ads Manager

how to add someone to facebook ads manager

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook ads may cost money, but it has a high ROI potential. In fact, estimates show that Facebook alone influences more than half of all user purchases.

Facebook offers multiple advertisement options for those who want to promote a product, service, or business.

You can select target demographics based on age, gender, geographic location, and more. You can choose to display ads about social actions a person has taken to their Facebook friends. You can also decide if ads will be shown on desktops, mobile devices, or both.

All advertising options are controlled via the Facebook Ads Manager homepage. This page is essentially the "control room" for your Facebook ad campaign. You use it to post, edit, or remove ads. Furthermore, it offers in-depth statistics to help you monitor the progress of your campaign.

Table of Contents:

  • Is it a Good Idea to Have More than One Facebook Ads Manager?

  • How to Add a Facebook Ads Manager to an Ad Account

  • Adding a Facebook Ad Account Admin, Ad Account Manager, or Ad Account Analyst?

  • Can I Remove a Facebook Ads Manager from a Facebook Page?

Is it a Good Idea to Have More than One Facebook Ads Manager?

Having more than one Facebook ads manager isn't obligatory, but there are several reasons why it could be a good idea.

First, not all business owners are good at social media ad creation and management. When setting up a new business, it can be smart to grant access to a qualified freelancer or agency that can set up Facebook campaigns and keep tabs on their progress.

Furthermore, as a business grows, a number of people may need admin access to the Facebook ads manager page. Perhaps a team of people is responsible for running a number of targeted campaigns designed to appeal to varying target audiences. Maybe your business wants to reach people in more than one language.

Working with one or more social media managers can help you create a winning ad campaign faster and more easily than would have otherwise been possible. It can also help you develop innovative marketing ideas that can be used not just on Facebook but also on other online and offline platforms.

How to Add a Facebook Ads Manager to an Ad Account

1 - First, login to your Facebook business page (

2 - Click on Ads Manager only left side

Once you click on the Facebook Ads Manager tool, you'll be taken to your Facebook campaign management page. On the left sidebar of this page, you'll see various icons.

3- Click on GEAR ICON the first one from the top below the horizontal line. This is the setting icon.

Once you click on settings, you'll be taken to the ad account setup page. On the right-hand side, you'll see a large blue button allowing you to add one or more Facebook ad managers.

4 - After clicking on the "Add People" button, you'll see a dropdown menu asking which type of people are being added to the account. You can choose if you will be adding the individual in question as an Ad Account Admin, Ad Account Manager, or Ad Account Analyst.

Bear in mind that only a friend can be added in any of the above capacities. If the person you want to add isn't a Facebook friend, he or she will need to ask to be friended, and you'll need to accept the person's request. If the person does not have a Facebook account, he or she will need to create a Facebook page so you can give access to your ad management page.

Adding a Facebook Ad Account Admin, Ad Account Manager, or Ad Account Analyst?

As was touched on above, there are several setting a business owner can pick from when adding someone to a Facebook ads account.

Facebook Ad Account Admin

A Facebook ads admin has the same level of access as you. This person can put up ads, take down ads, edit ads, view statistics, and even remove an ad account advertiser or analyst from the account.

Furthermore, a Facebook ad account admin can also add other admins or even remove current admins. You should never add another ad account admin unless you completely trust the person you are granting access to your Facebook account.

Facebook Ad Account Manager

Facebook ad account manager (also known as ad account advertiser) offers the ideal level of access for anyone who is helping you manage a Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook ad account managers, like admins, can view, edit, put up, and take down ads. They can also view the statistics to monitor your advertising campaign and make data-driven decisions.

However, an ad account manager cannot add or remove admins. You still retain full control over your account and can remove the manager should the need arise.

Facebook Ad Account Analyst

An ad account analyst can help you not only collect data but also understand the data so you can tweak your advertising campaign to better meet the needs of your target audience.

It's wise to have an ad account analyst check your account periodically to ensure you're reaching the right people in the right manner. An analyst can also help you conduct A/B testing to see which ads are the most appealing to the people you want to reach.

An account analyst has far less authority than an ad account manager. The analyst can view ads, ad reports, and statistics, but is unable to make changes to your ad campaign.

Can I Remove a Facebook Ads Manager from a Facebook Page?

Removing a Facebook ads manager or analyst isn't difficult. Go to the settings page of your campaign (as you did earlier to add a person to your account) and then click on the add/remove person button. Once you do so, you'll be allowed to select the manager or analyst you want to remove.

This button can also be used to change the permissions and access level of an existing manager or analyst has to your account. If, for instance, you want to allow an analyst to have managerial access to your account, you simply have to click on the person's name and give the individual a manager account. Conversely, you can also limit a manager's access by changing the person's level from manager to analyst.

You can even remove other admins from your account or limit their level of access by following the steps outlined above. However, bear in mind that a fellow admin can do the same to you. In such instances, it can be difficult if not impossible for you to regain your admin level unless the existing admin gives you access to your account again.

Adding a person to your Facebook ads account is not a decision that should be made lightly. Anything you post on social media will never totally disappear even if you delete it. The wrong wording or image in an advertisement can haunt your business and hurt it for years to come.

At the same time, working with a Facebook manager and analyst offers great benefits to any business owner. Qualified, experienced social media marketers can help you identify target audiences, tailor ads to meet the needs of consumers, engender brand loyalty and keep customers coming back to your business, and even kickstart an organic social media campaign by creating ads that people will want to like and share with others.

Thankfully, it's not hard to add or remove Facebook ad managers or analysts. This freedom enables you to partner with those you need to work with at any given time while retaining full access to your account, so you can manage it as you see fit long-term.


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