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Get Matched With Your Shopify Marketing Expert

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Dear Shopify Store Owner, 

I know how frustrating and expensive it is to hire and fire a marketing agency The opportunity cost and time expense is real, especially when you have to do it more than once.  

After 10 years of running my own Shopify store, I realized that the number one skill I have has nothing to do with me.  It is the team of outsourced experts I have built that got me here.  

After my 50th podcast interview, I kept getting messages asking the same thing. 


Can you introduce me to your marketers?

The answer is YES.  Fill out the form below and I will introduce you to my battle tested and trusted Marketing experts I use for my own Ecommerce store. 

See you at the top!

Sully Tyler 

The "Email Legend" and E-commerce Expert 


I think I have hired and fired more agencies than anyone.  I don't want you to go through what I did, so I found the best in the business and built my own damn agency!

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How did you find these "Expert Marketers?"

It is easy to find someone who calls themself a "marketer."  But, finding a true expert that can have an impact on your business is a different story. 

Instead of hiring and firing another marketing expert or agency.  I am willing to introduce you to my best marketers that have scaled my eCommerce brand.  All while I was out on the golf course!


Why do I want you to get matched with my Experts?

I never expected to become the "Expert Match Maker."  This was an easier way for me to introduce those already asking for introductions.  I hope my expert marketers crush it for you and you can hit your goals faster. 


I know how difficult it is to find true experts. It only took me 10 years and dozens of agencies to find them. Plus it helps pay for my lost golf balls, ha. 

What types of expert marketers are available? 

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Klaviyo Email and SMS Marketing (This is my Agency 😎)

  • Conversion Rate Optimization 

  • Website Development

What type of companies do we work with?


My expert marketers work with established Shopify brands doing a minimum of $50k a month.

Want to work with Sully directly? 

I'd love to help.  For 1 on 1 time, click here >>

Frequently Asked Questions


Choose your Shopify Marketing Experts

Prepare for take off!

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