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Fractional CMO Services

Listen, the truth is most marketing experts or fractional CMO's have never built their own ecommerce brand. Unlike them, I know exactly what it is like to start, scale, and exit an Ecommerce brand.  


I founded a DTC brand, BombTech golf in 2012. I sold it in 2022 and now I work with exciting DTC brands to help them do the same. 


LTV Growth 

Best way to increase LTV is to improve the post-purchase experience.  Here is my methodology for building a stronger community, LTV and increasing reviews. 


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P&L Streamline 

At the end of the day the most important numbers are the ones in your P&L. I bring an objective third-party perspective to your review process to find opportunities to reduce expenses and improve profit. 

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Product Launch Hero

Building new products is really exciting if they launch BIG.  Utliize my micro launch strategy, combined with my Product Launch method to make sure your next product is launch worthy.



Price Optimization

The best way to improve your CPA is to optimize your first purchase price. A simple and effective post purchase upsell flow can improve your AOV and increase your profit per sale.


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Agency Management

When I sold my DTC brand I only had 2 in house employees.  I was able to set up extremely lean operations by utilizing high ROI agency experts and act as the in house CMO and coordinator of those experts. This lead to a profitable exit. 

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Prepare for Exit

Whether you want to exit today or years from now, being Sales Ready puts you in control of your business.  The process to prepare to sell your business can be painful, but it shouldn't be.  

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