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Can you edit a Wix site after publishing?

Editing your website should be easy. The Wix editor makes editing after you hit the publish button, a true breeze. Your entire website can be edited using a simple drop editor.

When you log in to your Wix website. You will see your Wix Dashboard (see below).

You can edit your Wix site after publishing

To clarify, you can edit your live site after you have published it. I love how easy the Wix website editor makes updating my own website. I often publish blogs that are not perfect, then will edit them later.

I realize that not every blog post will be perfect and that's ok. As a blogger, it is important to keep hitting that publish button!

Ready to edit your new website?

To start editing your Wix site, click the Edit Site button

The Wix Website editor will pop up showing you a dotted line grid pattern which is drag and drop. This allows you to truly update your live website in a few easy steps.

The left-hand side of the editor includes the following options.

The + allows you to Add To elements to your site

Then the following

  • Menu/pages

  • Site Design

  • Add Apps

  • My Business

  • Media

  • Content Manager

  • Ascend Business Tools

You can edit your website on Desktop and Mobile

Desktop Editor and Mobile editor - This makes designing my blog for desktop and mobile devices extremely easy. Wix also has a Wix Tutorial which candidly, I don't think is needed because the editing is the easiest I have seen from any website builder.

Does that make it the best website builder?

I would think yes for those that want to easily be able to get a website live and edit it after they have hit publish.

Desktop Editor (Screenshot)

Mobile Editor (Screenshot)

Design your Website exactly how you want

Under the site design tab, you can choose from a variety of color palettes to make your personal blog the way you envision it.

The Wix templates are really solid right out of the box. I had a specific layout in mind for my blog and was able to make new changes using my own images to make it feel on brand for me.

I tried to do something similar with a WordPress theme and I was overwhelmed. Wordpress is the gold standard, but I personally could not edit as easily as Wix.

Although WordPress is the gold standard for blogging, it is harder to customize and get started. I can see that being a barrier to entry for those that just want to get a blog started.

The only catch or concern I have with Wix as a blog comes down to your monetization method. My research shows that you can't use Ezoic or Mediavine ads with Wix, but you can only use Google Adsense.

So if you are planning to monetize with those platforms, you would need to go with WordPress.

Wix Monetization built-in - I haven't decided If I would use this feature yet, but Wix has built-in subscription plans that can help you monetize your blog by setting up a paywall.

Right now my Wix account is on the paid plan and I am using my own Wix Domain as well. I literally was able to set up a new site without having to coordinate with any other websites, which is a true win.

I personally don't love bogging down any of my websites with apps, but the Wix apps store seems truly robust and has tons of extra apps and extra features that make almost anything possible.

Setting up new pages, web forms, and a contact information page was insanely easy using the editor.

Most of my traffic comes from mobile, so having a mobile website that loads fast and could be easily edited was critical. The first time I used Wix I didn't realize that they had Live Chat, so I actually sent them a tweet on Twitter.

To my surprise, they replied and sent me an easy step-by-step guide to solve my problem. The customer service and support gave me a ton of confidence.

"Just getting started is the hardest part, Wix makes that part easy"

The simplest way to start an online business is to make it easy to start. So if this is your first site, you will have no problem using the design elements, edit sections, and customization options to get your online business launched.

Let me know in the comments how you will use Wix.

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