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Build an authentic "brand" through personal videos (Bonjoro Review)

The key to unlocking growth for any ecommerce brand is to build a post-purchase experience that wows your customers. The bar is set so low, that you don't need to do much to truly wow your customers. When you go above and beyond, your customers become brand advocates.

The best way to truly go above and beyond is to send a quick and simple thank you video after they order. Bonjoro is so easy to use, that we actually use it! I see a lot of software that are just too cumbersome to use consistently or to get set up. Bonjoro, makes it easy to use and simple to train any employee.

What happens when you send thank you videos?

  • Increase repeat order rate

  • Fewer support tickets

  • Higher rated product reviews

  • Better customer relationship

  • Build trust and brand through personal connection

  • Separate yourself from the competition

Sometimes the best things to do are the things that don't scale (Until now)

I am a huge fan of setting up email automation that doesn't require the human element. Although automation has an infinite scale, sending personal videos is so quick that you can send many in a short window of time. That speed combined with personalization gives your ecommerce brand a unique advantage over your competitors.

Although your team may be busy, taking an extra 30 minutes or hour a day to send personalized video with Bonjoro can be a game changer over the long term. This app, helps truly turn customers into friends that WANT to talk about the brand.

Bonjoro is a MUST HAVE app for any ecommerce store that wants to build a brand for the long term.

Fractional CMO + YOUR STORE = 🚀

Must be doing at least $50k a month to qualify

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