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9 Best Bundle Apps for Shopify

E-commerce has become an integral way that many merchants do business. In fact, owning an e-commerce business has become almost mandatory if you want to maximize your potential revenue.

One area where e-commerce really shines is in its ability to help business owners create and maintain repeat customers. Product bundling can be one of the most effective ways to get these customers, as any serious shopper is always looking for a deal.

If you're unfamiliar with exactly what Shopify bundle products are, we've listed the top

10 here, in addition to the inside scoop on how they're best used.

What Are Shopify Product Bundles Apps?

Merchants are able to download bundle apps for Shopify that enhance the shopper experience or optimize the process of being a business owner. In the case of the Shopify bundle app, both of these goals are accomplished.

Bundle apps for Shopify give shoppers a chance to bundle certain products and save. Generally, upon checkout, before payment is made, shoppers are given a chance to purchase "bundle products" instead of the one they've selected. Purchasing the bundle products has some type of incentive attached, whether it be a better deal per item or the convenience of one product enhancing the use of the others.

These can be extremely effective weapons in your digital store, and we've selected what we feel are the best and compiled them into this list.

The Top Shopify Bundles Apps

1. Bundles App

The Shopify Bundles app is the simplest and most time-efficient way to manage your stock and generate revenue from selling bundle products. When you connect a product bundle apps to a product, the bundle app automatically updates its stock count. Over 11,000 companies have trusted the Bundles app since its 2016 release.

When it comes to your company's offerings, Bundles App does create custom bundles but doesn't offer any variants. All component and bundle orders are processed through the app. Separate items can be upsold as bundled sets or individually to take advantage of bulk pricing and price breaks.


  • On their own unique page, product bundles are presented as a single unit. The auto-syncing of your stock is another feature of the Bundles app that you should keep an eye on.

  • Gallery items may be purchased within the app, in addition to different buttons that make an immediate purchase an option.


  • It takes a significant amount of time to get the app working exactly how you want it

  • The app's user interface can be confusing

2. Frequently Bought Together

frequently bought together

The frequently bought together app displays relevant product recommendations that can increase average order value.

The app display sits in an ideal location on the product page and doesn't need a lot of customization. This is an app I use on my own ecommerce website.


  • This tool offers a solid connection with your online store and helpful support staff.

  • Product recommendations are intutitve


  • May need to set up product exclusions if you don't want to show all products in the app

3. Bundle Builder App

Bundle builder

Another powerful Shopify tool for creating packages that converts consumers into buyers is the Bundle Builder. Use Bundle Builder to put together custom product packages, whether you want to handpick the specific items that go into your bundle or specify a set of products in advance.

Bundle Builder has it's own bundle pages, where sales and advertising can be found independently of the rest of the app. All of your bundle order data, including revenue, number of bundles sold, and best-sellers, are analyzed in depth to provide you with actionable insights.


  • With the Bundle Builder app, shoppers may add handwritten notes to their orders as gifts or directions for recipients.

  • It's straightforward to synchronize with stock, edit product descriptions, and track sales with granular data. Unlimited bundles give you a chance to constantly upsell.


  • Not suitable for multiple languages

  • You'll need to upgrade to their premium plan to access the most of their features.

4. PickyStory App


PickyStory is a popular software for Shopify that allows users to build predefined bundles or enable consumers to design their own bundles. You might showcase the goods in the bundle as a single product on a dedicated product page to pique your customer's interest.

PickyStory's real-time stock synchronization across all transaction kinds is an example of the app's intelligent manufacturing features. The offers may be moved across your Shopify store with a simple drag and drop, eliminating the need for you to learn how to code.


  • Depending on how well a product sells, bundling can be done automatically.

  • With PickStory, you may choose from a wide variety of product options with complete freedom.


  • Value for money doesn't appear to be there.

  • Not the best customer service

5. Fast Bundle

fast bundle

You may make product bundles for your Shopify store with the help of the Fast Bundle App. Your inventory data may be seamlessly incorporated into the process as you plan the appearance and arrangement of a packaged product.

It is up to the customer to decide whether or not they would like to use all of the products included in the package. Moreover, the Fast Bundle software allows users to customize their own bundles.

Offers based on quantity can be made via bundled packages, with particular purchasing criteria for each product both alone and in bundles. Additionally, Fast Bundle's support for many languages will help you reach a larger audience.


  • Easy to learn how to use

  • Efficient customer service


  • Certain design tools are buggy

6. Bundler App


This software, called Bundler, has a number of different couponing options. If you're buying many items, you may either negotiate a bulk discount (say, 20% off) or a flat rate (say, $10 off) off the overall price. The effectiveness of a percentage discount increases as its value to the customer rises.

The amount of money your customers potentially save by using the Bundler app can be displayed in a popup window. Customers who are interested in taking advantage of the promotion should be encouraged to complete the purchase as soon as they realize they meet the criteria.


  • The Bundler app allows users to choose both the discount amount and the discount %.

  • The user may create a custom bundle with a pop-up discount calculator.


  • To make changes to certain themes, you may need to personally contact their support system.

7. Fast CheckOut App

fast checkout

Fast Checkout software offers various discounted bundles and upsells to clients. When customers choose an upgrade and package, they are taken directly to the payment page rather than the shopping cart. With this innovative method, you can shorten the sales cycle, cut back on abandoned carts, and boost your earnings.

Offer free shipping when a certain amount of products are bought together, for instance, or provide a certain type of discount on three different types of products.


  • Enhance sales and lower the number of shoppers who abandon their carts.

  • Use Fast Checkout app's convenient product bundles to keep track of stock.


  • Still somewhat new

  • You'll need to upgrade to their premium plan to access the most of their features.

8. Bundable Customizable Kit


Bundable Customizable Kits is one of the best bundle applications available. A wide variety of kits and sets may be assembled using this program. You are free to offer either a flat rate or a percentage off. The price cut can be applied automatically if a qualifying condition is set.

As the Bundable Customizable Kits software requires nothing in the way of technical know-how to set up, it is a great option for those who aren't confident in their own abilities in this area. As you add new bundles to your online store, the Bundable

Customizable Kits app may automatically generate a page for your shop. Include the link in your menu and listen to what your customers have to say. The software customizes each package with a different photo.


  • The app Bundable Customizable Kits allows you to set a discount as a percentage of the total or a flat dollar amount.

  • A customer can personalize a gift for a friend, family member, or loved one by including a note with the purchase.


  • One of the most expensive apps

9. Bundle Bear

bundle bear

You may create attractive product bundles and tiered discounts with the help of the Bundle Bear app for Shopify. The primary benefit of this app for Shopify is that it allows you to provide bulk discounts to your customers.

Whether you're selling a single item, a group of items, or placing a bulk order, the Bundle Bear app gives you the greatest flexibility. One further way to boost revenue is to advertise packages in certain countries.


  • The app's users may choose their own start and finish dates for time-sensitive bundles.

  • It comes along with an analytics dashboard for tracking things like sales and user engagement with your bundles.


  • Not all conversions are logged instantly in the app.

How to Choose the Right Product Bundle App

Bundle applications are used heavily on the Shopify platform. However, it's important to choose wisely when making your selection. Keep the following in mind before pulling the trigger.

1. Picking Bundle Apps for Shopify With the Right Features

There are different types of bundle apps available. Choosing the right one is critical if you want to optimize your company's online presence. There are combo product bundles apps, variant bundling, pack bundling, buy one get one free, and plenty more.

Test them out and see which works best for your organization.

The most common forms of Shopify product bundles are as follows:

2. Cost of Product Bundle Apps

Don't overspend on a bundle if you don't need to. Price ranges vary, and sometimes the additional cost doesn't give you too much more than the free version - be aware of what you're buying.

3. Shipping/Logistics

The most efficient apps are on the same page as your stock. They'll push products that you're low on so you can quickly reorder. Basically, these apps are so smart, they know what's best for inventory management.

4. How User-Friendly Are the Shopify Product Bundle Apps

Finally, you want the application to be user-friendly. It doesn't matter what effect it has on your customers if you can't figure out how to dial it in the right way.

Shopify Bundle Apps: The Bottom Line

There are plenty of products on the Shopify app store that encourage customers and provide volume discounts. However, Shopify bundle apps might be the best of all Shopify apps.

They accomplish everything you want during the checkout process - encourage upselling, push products that you're overstocked on or need to move, help you optimize your inventory log, and give customers a way to save. These are all ingredients for the recipe to scale your operation and boost your revenue.


1. What's the best Shopify bundled app?

The needs of your company and its size will determine which bundled app is ideal for your Shopify store. Test out various bundles and choose accordingly. A/B split testing will come in handy for this.

2. What's the best store locator app?

It's important to take into account a number of factors when selecting the finest Shopify bundle app, such as the size of your business, the membership price of the app, the features it provides, the quality of its customer care, and so on. You should look at the app's user interface and the sort of Shopify bundle that is acceptable for your business before making a final decision.

3. How much do product bundling apps cost?

This depends on which app you're using. Each one is independent of the other, and most have a designated monthly charge either as a flat rate or based on feature use.

4. Are there any free bundling apps?

Yes, some apps have what's known as the "freemium" version. These free versions are useful and have the services some users need. However, for more advanced owners, you'll likely need to upgrade to the paid version to take advantage of all the benefits.

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