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20 Best Kickstarter products

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter will tell you that all the options can be overwhelming. Almost any product you've wanted to exist (and the ones you never thought possible) are available to fund or purchase on Kickstarter.

If you're interested in becoming a backer, want to learn more about different projects available on Kickstarter, or are just curious about the entire Kickstarter process, then we have you covered with the 20 best Kickstarter products.

Sorted by the most popular, most funded, most backed, and those trending now, you're sure to find something that you're interested in owning—or may even be interested in helping to fund the development of.

Table of contents:

Popular Kickstarter projects

Most funded Kickstarter projects

Trending Kickstarter projects

Most backed Kickstarter projects

Most popular Kickstarter projects

Some things (like people, clothing, or movies) may not be able to have their worth gauged on whether or not they're popular. However, for other items (like Kickstarter projects), popularity is a great place to begin the search.

The following are the 5 most popular projects available now on Kickstarter. Some may already be funded, so you can order now and enjoy the item so many other people were also interested in owning; while others are still raising money, giving you the opportunity to back any of these projects and help bring them to life.

1. Cthulhu: Death May Die - Fear of the Unknown (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Tabletop game

This game is a standalone campaign as a sequel to the most funded board game on Kickstarter. Driven by fear and the worry of time running out, this is a board game based on the mythos of Cthulhu, a creature first created in 1928 by HP Lovecraft.

The original funding goal of this campaign was $200,000, and it has already tripled that goal. It is still accepting funds if you're interested in continuing the legend of Cthulhu for more people to enjoy.

2. Hidden Leaders Forgotten Legends (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Tabletop game

Hidden Leaders Forgotten Legends is an expansion pack to the incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign Hidden Leaders. Created by BFF Games, this "unusual deduction game" is a modern take on traditional board games, and this expansion pack continues the fun for more audiences to enjoy.

A little over 2,000 backers helped to almost quadruple the original funding goal of $14,935. This board game is still accepting backers, so act fast if you want to help bring this idea of an expansion pack into reality.

3. The Queen's Dilemma (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Tabletop game

The Queen's Dilemma is another standalone sequel to one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns, the King's Dilemma. This board game combines strategy and problem-solving, with campaigns that can last more than 30 hours.

An original $84,000 goal has boomed into over $321,000 in funding to make this game a reality. For a limited time, they're still accepting backers.

4. Mystery Puzzles by Odd Pieces: Series 2 (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Tabletop game

This game puts a fun spin on traditional jigsaw puzzles. Instead of using the box as a guide for the final product, Mystery Puzzles are slightly different from the inspiration image. After reading a comic book, you'll build a puzzle where each piece has a small part of the story—after staring at the puzzle for days, you'll likely find something new each time due to the immense amount of detail.

This is the second series of Mystery Puzzles and has already far surpassed its original goal of just $10,000 by raising more than $140,000. There is still time to back this project if you want a refreshing spin on your favorite rainy-day hobby.

5. KIF | Pocket-Sized Titanium Toothbrush Kit For On-The-Go (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Product design

Appropriately dubbed "the world's smallest toothbrush kit," this project is a 4-in-1, zero-waste dental care solution in one small, compact package that can easily fit in your pocket. Combining floss, toothpaste tabs, a tongue scraper, and a toothbrush with soft castor oil bristles, this is a unique and durable project that almost everyone will need every day.

KIF had an original goal of only $5,000, and has completely blown past it and raised over $122,000 with over a month left in the campaign. If interested, you can help back this product to make dental care more approachable and feasible for many people.

Most funded Kickstarter projects

Since Kickstarter is a crowd-funding site, it's important to take into consideration the level of funding an item received. You're often able to trust projects that have been fully backed or received a large amount of funding, as this means others have recognized the value in them and believed in their mission so much so that they contributed to make them a physical product.

Here are the 5 most funded Kickstarter campaigns to give you an idea of the types of ideas that can become real projects with the necessary amount of project backers.


Available to back: No

Total amount funded: $13,285,226

Product type: Product design

Coolers have remained fairly simple since their inception—insulated boxes to keep drinks and food cold. The COOLEST COOLER changed all that by making "a 21st-century cooler" that can keep up with all of your activities—including a built-in USB charger, LED light, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and built-in ice-crushing blender, among many other accessories and add-ons.

The most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time illustrates the power that backers and funds can have on cementing a product in the Kickstarter history books. Though the COOLEST COOLER is no longer available for backing on Kickstarter, it's available for purchase thanks to the funding it received.

2. Pebble 2, Time 2, Pebble Core (

Available to back: No

Total amount funded: $12,779,843

Product type: Product design

A follow-up to the incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign the Pebble Smartwatch comes the Pebble 2, Time 2, and Pebble Core—a fitness tracker, smartwatch, and portable fitness device. Considering how successful their take on smartwatches was, it's a no-brainer that their approach to fitness devices would be a smashing success, too.

The second-highest funded project ever on Kickstarter has gotten rave reviews since its creation in 2017, which wouldn't have been possible without the funding it achieved.

3. Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 (

Available to back: No

Total amount funded: $12,339,139

Product type: Tabletop game

This cooperative, nightmare-horror board game requires you to survive a world fraught with frightful monsters—some of which come as miniatures that illustrate how important surviving these creatures is.

This extremely popular board game is a perfect example of how funding creative projects can make a significant difference in the lives of those that create them. This game is a niche interest, but still found great success with others.

4. EcoFlow DELTA Pro: The Portable Home Battery (

Available to back: No

Total amount funded: $12,179,651

Product type: Hardware

The world's first portable home battery delivers up to 25kWh of capacity, which can cover you during almost any situation—emergency or otherwise. With incredibly fast recharge abilities, this portable battery is a must-have for any environmentally-minded homeowner.

This eco-friendly product was an incredible advancement in the field of smart energy management, and would not have been possible without the millions of dollars it raised as a Kickstarter campaign.

5. Travel Tripod by Peak Design (

Available to back: No

Total amount funded: $12,134,435

Product type: Product design

This travel tripod solved an issue that Peak Design discovered with other travel tripods—they wasted too much space. Designed by photographers, for photographers, this small tripod slims down to a compact size that is ideal for travel and taking into the field.

This new approach to the tripod would not have been possible without the almost $12 million raised to get it in the hands of photographers who need it.

Trending Kickstarter projects

What's trendy can change overnight or in the blink of an eye, and isn't always the best way to determine whether or not something is valuable or worthy. However, exploring the different trending projects on Kickstarter is a great way to see which products are rapidly gaining traction and attention, and may soon become one of the most popular, backed, or funded projects.

If you like being first to a trend or on the ground floor of a new development, then these five trending Kickstarter projects are for you.

1. Cosmoctopus: The Board Game (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Tabletop game

Designed for anywhere from one to four players, this engine-building game is an exciting refresh to other types of engine-builders. Each hand of cards is powerful depending on how you use them, so each turn provides new and exciting opportunities and no two games are the same.

With over five times their funding goal raised, this Kickstarter project is a high-octane example of what can happen when a trending product takes off.

2. Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Tabletop game

You may recognize Zoo Tycoon as a popular smartphone game, but now you can play it in real life. This board game based on the app of the same name lets you work together to create and manage a successful zoo.

Zoo Tycoon the app has been around for years, but luckily the board game is still new and open for funding—if you are a fan of creative projects and want to be on the ground floor of this new take on an old favorite, this may be the funding opportunity for you.

3. The Cloudburst Waterproof Sneaker (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Product design

The perfect combination of a boot and a sneaker, this waterproof footwear is up for anything and everything. No matter the weather, climate, activity, or location, this durable and high-coverage sneaker is perfect for any and all of your plans.

A $25,000 goal has blossomed into just shy of $300,000 for taking this sneaker from prototype to product, with over a month to go until funding closes.

4. FlipDie (

Available to back: Yes

Product design: Tabletop games

The "world's first dice you can flip like a coin" is ideal for your favorite role-playing game, tabletop game, or just for your own personal enjoyment. This 7-die set is less bulky than other kinds of dice, plus it can be more satisfying to flip a coin to decide your fate instead of rolling for it.

Over $1 million has been raised to put this product into the hands of those that want it, far surpassing its original $15,000 goal. This trendy product is still available to back.

5. Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood (Second Edition) (

Available to back: Yes

Product type: Tabletop games

This 21-chapter, 65+ hour campaign game is the world's first "twisting tales" game that merges all the best aspects of role-playing tabletop games: miniature combat, interactive maps, and a gamified story.

With over $2 million raised, this game is well on its way to joining the list of most funded Kickstarter projects.

Most backed Kickstarter projects

The amount of backers a project has received on Kickstarter is another worthy gauge of whether or not an item is worth investing in. This tallies up the total amount of project backers, not how much was raised, to help you see which projects attracted the most attention from the most amount of people.

When paired with most funded Kickstarter projects, this can be an excellent way to assess if an item is worth investing in or purchasing, as most successful Kickstarter projects tend to have both a large number of backers and funds raised. Here are the five most backed Kickstarter projects ever.

1. Exploding Kittens (

Available to back: No

Total number of backers: 219,382

Type of product: Tabletop game

One of the most recognizable successful Kickstarter campaigns ever, this card game is now available for purchase nationwide after its original campaign ended. This popular card game is similar to Russian Roulette, but replaces guns with cats—players draw cards until one player pulls an exploding kitten and loses the game.

This Kickstarter campaign raised over $8 million when their original funding goal was only $10,000. This truly illustrates how vital backers can be for bringing a product to life—thanks in large part to its 200,000+ backers, Exploding Kittens, Inc. is a thriving company specializing in tabletop games like this one.

2. Fidget Cube (

Available to back: No

Total number of backers: 154,926

Product type: Product design

Designed for school, work, home, or commutes, the Fidget Cube is a 6-sided desk toy "for anyone that likes to fidget." Featuring 6 sides of different things to fidget with (like a clicker, switch, and spinner), this product was an instant hit on Kickstarter for its simple design and multiple uses.

The original funding goal of Fidget Cube was $15,000, but their backers helped to raise over $6 million to bring this product into the hands of those that need it. This very successful project that is available for purchase now.

3. Bears vs. Babies (

Available to back: No

Total number of backers: 85,581

Product type: Tabletop game

Ideated by the same group behind Exploding Kittens, this popular tabletop game continues the brand's compelling storytelling and original ideas—this game requires you to work with your teammates to build monsters in order to defeat an army of evil babies.

Similar to the first game they released, this game once again smashed the campaign's original goal of $10,000 by raising over $3 million. Thanks to the backers that made this another successful campaign, this game is able to be purchased and enjoyed now.

4. Frosthaven (

Available to back: No

Total number of backers: 83,193

Product type: Tabletop game

This popular board game was originally a sequel to the also very popular Kickstarter project tabletop game Gloomhaven, but is able to also be enjoyed as a standalone game. This world-building board game involves strategy, planning, lore, and teamwork within your campaign.

With an original funding goal of $500,000, the more than 83,000 backers raised close to $13 million to make this vision a reality. The game has a limited number of pre-orders available now on their Kickstarter page.

5. Pebble Time Smartwatch (

Available to back: No

Total number of backers: 78,471

Product type: Product design

Called "the best smartwatch you can buy" since its release, Pebble Time (and the Pebble Timeline) simplifies the interface and usage of smartwatches into three categories: past, present, and future. Paired with the Pebble e paper display that's always-on and easy to read, you'll never need another watch (smart or otherwise) again.

Though the original goal of this Kickstarter project was $500,000, backers helped bring it to life with over $20 million pledged to make it a reality.

Now that we've narrowed down the top 20 best Kickstarter products for you, the hardest part has been done for you—all you need to worry about now is which product (or products) you'll back or buy.

Since so many products have become household names after successful Kickstarter campaigns, you may be contributing to the next great innovation or funding creative projects that will change the world as we know it.

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