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15 Best Kickstarter Wallets

Shopping for wallets can be difficult, especially when looking for a durable, good-looking one that won't fall apart after just a few uses and keeps your money and information safe. Sorting through all the options available, whether in retail stores or crowd-funding websites like Kickstarter, can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

We're here to save you time and help find you the best Kickstarter wallet to get you the right one for all of your needs that won't need to be replaced in a few months.

Table of Contents:

  • Most popular Kickstarter wallets

  • Most funded Kickstarter wallets

  • Most backed Kickstarter wallets

Most popular Kickstarter wallets

When it comes to browsing online, there are a few indicators that signal a good product—with popularity being one, especially for a Kickstarter wallet. To save you time browsing through the thousands of options available, we've got you covered with five of Kickstarter's most popular wallets you can purchase, fund, or back right now.


  • RFID blocking

  • Detachable card holder

  • Capacity: Up to 10 cash bills and 8 cards

  • Material: Matte leather

The same team behind the Kickstarter-famous DUN wallet now has an even slimmer, more minimalistic edition. This wallet features two separate compartments: a wallet and a slim one-card slot card holder that has a magnetic attachment, with a secret compartment that can fit 2 cards, keys, or bills.

Made of either standard matte black leather or matte black leather with a diamond pattern, this functional, thin, and high-quality wallet will keep your information protected while not taking up excess space in your pocket.

Artsyna Superslim & Mini Wallets


  • Handmade and beeswax coated

  • Customizable for different uses

  • 4 different colors

  • Material: Full-grain camel leather

These two different wallets provide different uses: the Superslim is ideal for everyday use and storage in pockets or purses, while the Mini is perfect for minimal storage when outdoors or when you need to pare down what you carry every day. Both items can fit cards, bills, coins, and keys.

Handmade from full-grain camel leather, these wallets also feature a beeswax coating to be resistant to water. Whether you're hiking or commuting, these durable wallets keep your items safe and protected.

MiniT Travel Wallet


  • RFID blocking

  • Elastic pocket

  • Capacity: Passport and 8–10 cards

  • Material: Premium vegan leather

If you love to travel or have a trip coming up, then a wallet that ensures quick access to your passport and other travel necessities is a must. This slim, high-quality, and functional wallet has a storage section for your passport, cash, and card slots for up to 10 credit cards.

The back pocket of this wallet is made of elastic, functioning as a pocket that can fit anything else you need for your travels—like charging cords, SD cards, or USB flash drives. The vegan leather is water-resistant for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • RFID blocking

  • MagSafe magnet

  • Added kickstand

  • Material: Solid titanium or aluminum

If traditional leather bifold wallets aren't your style, then this money clip is for you. This card holder can function as a money clip or securely attach to the back of your phone via a MagSafe magnet, providing a compact, easy solution to lost wallets.

This innovative wallet doubles as a 5-in-1 multitool—featuring a refillable pen, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, bottle opener, and replaceable No. 11 high carbon steel knife blade. This RFID-blocking wallet is made from premium materials (your choice of either silver aluminum or titanium) and helps you keep track of your credit cards.

SMITH Ultrasoft & Slim Woven Leather Wallet and Card Holder


  • 4 different colorways

  • Wallet capacity: up to 7 cards

  • Cardholder capacity: up to 4 cards

  • Material: Hand-woven soft leather

This Kickstarter wallet campaign has two different options to choose from and purchase: a traditional 7-card slot wallet and a 4-slot card holder. Both are perfect for either men or women and come in 4 different color options made of soft, hand-woven leather that protects your cards, cash, receipts, and other materials you can't afford to lose.

Most funded Kickstarter wallets

The following are the five most funded Kickstarter wallets. These have collectively raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you can rest easy knowing you have a product that others believed in and support.


  • Single-finger swipe activation

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Capacity: Up to 6 cards

  • Material: 6063 aluminum alloy

This smart wallet raised over $810k to turn the conventional billfold into a more efficient, tech-forward option. 3 cards can be displayed before it's expanded, while a single thumb swipe fans out up to 6 cards in a pre-designated order—no more single rows of cards that make it hard to find the one you're looking for.

A mechanical arm keeps the extension in place until you need it, ensuring your cards stay secure and in place until you make a purchase.

This wallet also has an optional leather card sleeve for added card storage. Made of a premium, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy featuring an anodized spring clip for easy removal, this is one of the most advanced wallets you'll ever carry.


  • RFID blocking

  • Adjustable, modular design

  • Capacity: Up to 8 cards

  • Material: Carbon fiber

With over $580k raised, this wallet features a fully adjustable and magnetic design, you can choose how many cards to carry in this wallet and make it as thick or thin as you'd like. A money clip on the back secures bills so they aren't taking up space in your card slots, and RFID protection paired with an optional "box layer" gives you added security, along with more space to store what's important to you.

A sleek, innovative, and compact design made of near-indestructible carbon fiber ensures you'll have this wallet forever.

Koala Gear DJIN


  • RFID blocking

  • Concealed drawer

  • Capacity: Up to 10 cards or 20 bills

  • Material: Leather or microfiber

This patent-pending wallet raised over $540k and is designed to simply open, slide, and tilt for quick and easy access to your cards so you can pick what you need without digging around. In addition, each DJIN wallet comes with a Koala Gear RFID-blocking card to keep each card behind it, as well as the first card in front of it, safe.

With magnetic sides for a secure closure that won't demagnetize your cards and a pocket to store coins, cash, or a spare key, this has all the details you need in the perfect wallet.


  • Lightweight, one-piece construction

  • Available in 3 different finishes

  • Capacity: Up to 8 credit cards

  • Material: G2 titanium

The first Kickstarter wallet campaign to raise over $500k, the patented DM1 wallet has now sold over 5,000 wallets. These wallets are perfect for minimalists or for those who want an extremely simple card holder—a single piece of titanium is cut into the exact shape needed to hold 8 different cards. An open front and back make for easy access to important cards like photo IDs.

With features like rounded corners and an exact tolerance to hold your cards securely in place, this slim wallet is resistant to wear and perfect for storage in pockets or purses.


  • RFID blocking

  • 8 different color options

  • Capacity: up to 12 cards

  • Material: RS15 fabric

This was Kickstarter's most-backed and highest-funded wallet in 2019, with over $480k raised. With possibly more features than a sports car, this RFID-protected wallet includes a spare key pocket, secret pocket for up to 2 more cards, quick-draw mechanism that fans out your most reached-for cards, mini travel pen, coin-sorting section, fall-resistant design, and storage for a SIM card and removal tool.

This efficient, good-looking, and slim wallet is also resistant to water and constructed from ripstop fabric, which ensures your wallet is (and will remain) durable no matter what happens.

Most backed Kickstarter wallets

With all of the Kickstarter wallet options available, it can be hard to know which ones are trustworthy and which ones are making empty promises. Here are the five wallets with the most backers on Kickstarter—meaning the most people on Kickstarter have believed in the mission of these wallets, so you can know you're getting a trustworthy product.


  • Band to attach to smartphone

  • 10 color options

  • Capacity: 10+ cards

  • Material: Elastic

If you've been on the hunt for a wallet that just holds your cards and does a great job at it, this is the one for you—and over 15k other backers agree. Made of pure elastic with only two pockets, this simple, lightweight wallet holds only the essentials.

With an attachment loop for your keys and an elastic band that secures tightly to your smartphone, this wallet ensures all of your most important items stay together and where they belong—in your purse or pocket.


  • RFID blocking

  • 0.3 mm thicker than a credit card

  • Capacity: Up to 8 cards

  • Material: Tyvek®

Bulky wallets take up valuable space and make finding the card you need almost impossible. This wallet holds cash and all of your important cards while remaining ultra-thin, saving you pocket or bag space. A simple clam-style opening allows you to easily access your cards with a flick of the wrist.

The Micro Wallet is made of an incredibly durable, water-resistant, and eco-friendly material that has RFID-protected strips woven in, ensuring that your information is protected and your wallet is long-lasting. Over 10k backers pitched in to make this wallet available for purchase.


  • RFID blocking

  • Pull-tab storage

  • Capacity: 15 cards, 50+ bills

  • Material: Pressed Saffiano canvas

Over 8k backers helped bring this Kickstarter wallet to life, and now you can experience the difference it makes for yourself. A three-compartment system keeps your most-reached-for items separated and easily accessible, while a silicone grip cash band keeps your bills secure.

In addition to a secret compartment for keys and 2 quick draw slots, it also features a pull tab to access your cards instead of a traditional clam-style fold, which provides almost instant access.

Made of a vegan, RFID-blocking material that's more durable than genuine leather, this is a slim wallet that doesn't compromise function.


  • RFID blocking

  • Quickdraw slot

  • Capacity: 10 cards

  • Material: Pressed Saffiano canvas

From the same producer of the BANDO 2.0 comes the BANDO 3.0—an upgraded, slimmer version of the fan-favorite that almost 8k backers brought to life. The 3.0 retained the gel-grip cash pocket and 2 quick draw slots of the 2.0, but the most notable new feature is the one-touch quickdraw mechanism to fan your cards out.

The cardholder is made of an extremely long-lasting aerograde aluminum that won't degrade or compromise your cards.

Made of the same vegan, durable, and RFID-blocking material as the 2.0, this wallet is an excellent investment to keep your belongings safe.


  • RFID blocking

  • 2-year warranty

  • Vertical access for chip cards

  • Material: Pressed Saffiano canvas and woven medium stretch fabric

Close to 8k backers helped make the idea of a "perfect wallet" a reality, featuring a quickdraw for accessing your favorite cards, a through middle pocket for easy access to cash, and elastic backing for extra storage for additional cards or supplies.

This wallet is constructed from a coated canvas leather front and features an elastic back that stretches 4 directions instead of just 1 for maximum storage capabilities.

Instead of spending hours researching the best Kickstarter wallets, all you have to do now is pick out which one you'll buy.

No matter which option you choose, you can know that you're getting one of the best wallets out there, that others believed in and supported from conception to physical product.

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